Huettel Lab Spring BBQ

The lab celebrated many accomplishments at a BBQ in Duke Forest. Several lab members will be leaving for new positions: Nikki Sullivan (Asst. Prof, London School Econ.), Libby Jenke (Asst. Prof., U. Houston), Dianna Amasino (Post-Doc, U. Amsterdam), Samyukta Dore (med school, Cleveland Clinic), and Miruna Cotet (grad school, Ohio State). Congrats to all!

Congratulations to Kelsey!

Kelsey’s new paper on modeling dynamic choice behavior has been published in Nature Communications! Congratulations to Kelsey on her first paper, which reflects a collaboration between the Huettel and Pearson laboratories.

Congratulations to Nikki!

New paper by Sullivan and colleagues on a behavioral economics approach to disciplined dietary published in Psychological Science! Commentary and media coverage is available at Duke Today and at the Leading Voices in Food Policy podcast.

Congratulations to Dianna!

New paper by Amasino, Sullivan, Kranton, & Huettel published in Nature Human Behavior! See related story at Duke Today.

Sherry Yang presents at SNP poster session

Duke undergraduate Sherry Yang presented her research on medical decision making at the poster session for the Summer Neuroscience Program. Congratulations, Sherry, on a great project!   [7/27/18]

Congratulations to Amanda!

Congratulations to Amanda Utevsky, David Smith, and Jake Young for their paper “Large-Scale Network Coupling with the Fusiform Cortex Facilitates Future Social Motivation,” which was just accepted to eNeuro! [9/26/17]

Congratulations to Rosa Li!

  New paper Five-year-olds do not show ambiguity aversion in a risk and ambiguity task with physical objects Paper by Rosa Li and colleagues has been accepted in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. Congratulations to Rosa on having two papers accepted the week after defending your dissertation! [2/27/17]  

Congratulations to Rosa Li and David Smith!

Huettel Lab paper, Reason’s Enemy Is Not Emotion: Engagement of Cognitive Control Networks Explains Biases in Gain/Loss Framing, has been accepted in the Journal of Neuroscience. Congratulations to co-first authors Rosa Li and David Smith! [2/27/2017]

Huettel Lab climbs Duke Chapel

The lab takes a break from normal activities (i.e., typing) to climb the 239 steps to the top of Duke Chapel. All lab members were accounted for afterward. [2/14/17]