Congratulations Dr. Winkle!

Congratulations Dr. Winkle!

On April 3rd, Winkle successfully defended his dissertation! Dr. Winkle not only presented an exciting defense regarding his work in science, but also his excellent, and not at all useless, photography skills! That’s three doctors in three months from the Huettel Lab, and each with a diverse and well-rounded skill set. Congrats Dr. Winkle!  [04/26/2017]

Congratulations Dr. Lee!


Congratulations to Dr. Victoria Lee! On March 31st, Vicki successfully defended her dissertation by showcasing her hard work and amazing sciencing skills in a riveting presentation. Not only is Vicki an intuitive and gifted scientist, but a fantastic person and labmate. The Huettel Lab couldn’t be happier in congratulating Vicki. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and have any brew you want — as long as it’s a Corona.

Congrats Dr. Lee!