Congratulations Professor Carter!

McKell  has just accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Psychology (and faculty member in the Institute for Cognitive Science) at the University of Colorado, Boulder! McKell will be joining an outstanding cognitive neuroscience community there at UC-Boulder, with many excellent colleagues and great facilities. [04/18/2014]

Congratulations to Amanda Utevsky!

Congratulations to Amanda for successfully completing her MAP! Hard work calls for great rewards, and steaks and biscuits sound just right. [04/18/2014]

Congratulations Dr. Lawrence Ngo!

Congratulations to Lawrence Ngo for successfully defending his dissertation. Now that he’s finished with this, he’ll have to go back to that whole, boring, being-a-real-doctor thing. Maybe saving lives and helping people is exciting, but who really knows anyway? Ah, being a real doctor. We will miss you Lawrence, but we all know that you will be a tremendous asset in your future field. Congratulations once again Dr. Ngo! [04/18/2014]

Congratulations Dr. Chris Coutlee!

On April 3rd, Chris successfully defended his dissertation and joined the ranks of the other crown-wearing doctors in the Huettel Lab. As you can see from the picture, good times were had by all celebrating Chris and all of his hard work — it was certainly well deserved. Once again, congratulations Dr. Coutlee! [04/09/2014]