FAQs About the RA Position

1. I currently do not have a 2.5 GPA.  Am I eligible to be a Resident Assistant?

  • No. In order to be eligible to be interviewed, a candidate must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA. HRL reviews the GPA of all candidates prior to the interview process after applications have been submitted.

2. I am currently on disciplinary probation through the Office of Student Conduct.  Am I eligible to be an RA?

  • No. In order to be interviewed, a candidate must be in good standing with the University. HRL facilitates a student conduct check on each candidate prior to the interview process.

3. I am a rising sophomore; may I serve as a RA on the Upperclass Campus?

  • Yes, however, the number of RAs hired for each campus is based on need, and there are a limited number of positions available.

4. I am a rising or current graduate student at Duke University, can I be an RA?

  • Yes, graduate students can be an RA at Duke University.

5. I work about 10 hours/week for another department, can I still be a RA?

  • Yes, however, employment in other departments must be pre-approved by your Residence Coordinator. We estimate that a RA will spend approximately 15 hours/week in the role and we want to be certain you are able to manage your academic commitments and RA commitments.

6. I am not available for RA training in August. Can I still apply?

  • No (and yes). It is required for all Resident Assistants to attend training. HRL does allow for RAs to apply for exceptions to be absent from part or all of training for specific academically-related reasons.

7. I have been invited to interview for the RA role, however, am currently studying abroad. How can I interview for the role?

  • If you are currently studying abroad, have applied to a role, and have been invited to interview, we will conduct video interviews. You will be provided with an opportunity to indicate how we can contact you during the selection process.

8. If I am studying abroad in the fall semester and would like to be a RA for the spring semester, how do I apply?

  • The application process is the same; however, if selected, you’ll be placed in the priority alternate pool.