Resident Assistant Position

RA Applications: Applications will open on October 11, 2021!

Resident Assistants (RAs) are integral to the operation of our residence halls. RAs are asked to fill a variety of roles ranging from peer mentor, event planner, campus resource to peer advisor. We encourage you to read the Resident Assistant Role Description to become more knowledgeable of the qualifications desired for the position. Also, we encourage you to reach out to a current RA to learn more about the role.

Being an RA is not only a valuable service to your peers but can also help develop skills that will benefit you in life after Duke. Many industries value the RA experience and transferable skills cultivated through the position that contribute to their organizations. Some of these skills include managing others, effective communication, leadership, building relationships, time management and organization, the ability to work with others from diverse backgrounds, empathy, crisis management, listening, and more.

Any questions about the RA position should be directed to the RA Selections team at