FAQs for the GR Role

I am not a current Duke Student but am in the process of applying to Duke. May I also apply for the GR position?

  • Yes. Incoming graduate students or those in the process of applying for a graduate course of study at Duke are welcome and encouraged to apply for the GR role. Our application will ask you to let us know where you are in the application process for Duke. We will ask you to keep us updated during the process on whether or not you will be attending Duke.

I have been invited to interview for the GR role, however, I am not currently local to Duke University. How can I interview for the role?

  • Interviews for 2021-2022 positions will all be held using Zoom due to ensure the health and safety of all staff, students, and candidates. Zoom information will be sent to all invited candidates before the interviews with specific instructions.
  • Traditionally, if you are not local to Duke currently because you’re at another institution or are abroad, have applied to a role, and have been invited to interview, we will conduct video interviews. You will be provided with an opportunity to indicate how we can contact you during the selection process.

I currently do not have a 2.5 GPA. Am I eligible to be a Graduate Resident?

  • No. In order to be eligible to be interviewed, a candidate must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA. HRL reviews the GPA of all candidates prior to the interview process after applications have been submitted.

I am new to Duke University and do not have a GPA yet. What should I do?

  • If you have just been admitted to Duke as a graduate student, we understand you will not have a Duke GPA. Instead, you will be asked to provide your final GPA from your previous institution.

I am currently on disciplinary probation through the Office of Student Conduct.  Am I eligible to be a GR?

  • No. In order to be interviewed, a candidate must be in good standing with the University. HRL facilitates a student conduct check on each candidate prior to the interview process.

Can undergraduate students apply for the position?

  • No. The Graduate Resident position is reserved for current or incoming graduate students only.

I am not available for GR training in August. Can I still apply?

  • No (and yes). It is required for all Graduate Residents to attend training. HRL does allow for GRs to apply for exceptions to be absent from training for specific academically-related reasons. If you have an academic conflict, please email rlselections@duke.edu

The requirements of the position require me to live on campus. Can you provide more details regarding the apartments?

  • The majority of our GR apartments are 1-bedroom or studio-style units with a full-size bed, kitchen area, and bathroom. Some units do not have full kitchens. Apartment layouts vary depending on the location. GRs residing in a unit without a kitchen will be given additional meal points.

I am moving to Durham/Duke and I have a spouse/partner. Are they allowed to live with me in the GR role?

  • Yes. We have a few GRs who move to campus with a partner/spouse. Your partner/spouse will be required to complete and pass a background check before moving on-campus with you.