Graduate Resident Position

GR Applications: Applications Open January 25, 2021

Graduate Residents (GRs) are key student leadership roles within Housing and Residence Life (HRL). Under the supervision and guidance of a Residence Coordinator (RC), GRs play a critical role within the residential community as mentors, advisors, and resource agents for the Resident Assistants (RAs), House Councils (HCs), and residents within their community. As student leaders in charge of helping shape a diverse environment that supports the academic and personal development of students, GRs are among the strongest role models in the Duke University community.

We encourage you to review the Graduate Resident position description to become more aware of the qualifications desired. Questions about the GR position should be directed to the RL Selections team at

Being a GR is not only a valuable service to your peers but can also help develop skills that will benefit you in life after Duke. Many industries value the GR experience and the transferable skills cultivated through the position that contribute to their organizations. Some of these skills include managing others, effective communication, leadership, building relationships, time management and organization, the ability to work with others from diverse backgrounds, empathy, crisis management, listening, and more.

Important facts about the GR position:

  • Graduate Residents will be required to reside in an on-campus apartment/suite assigned by the department as a condition of appointment.
  • All GRs are required to attend fall and spring training each year. Fall 2020 GR training will begin on August 1, 2020. If selected as a GR, you will be expected to make arrangements with summer internships, jobs, and family and friends to attend GR training.
  • The GR role involves an approximate 19.9 hours/week commitment. This time commitment includes GR staff meetings, one-on-ones with your Residence Coordinator, one-on-ones with the RAs on your team, advising house councils, making needed purchases for community events, and programs. We expect the GR position to be your top priority, after academics; however, we will work with you to balance other campus involvements with your academics and the GR position.