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Versatile PhD 2015-2016 Forum Events

Every year, Versatile PhD does a series of panel discussions in the asynchronous discussion forums on the site. Each discussion focuses on a specific non-academic career that is open to PhDs, and features 4-6 PhDs or ABDs currently working in that career. Panel discussions coming up this academic year:

Sept. 14-18: “Careers in Technology Transfer” in the STEM forum (more information)

Oct. 19-23: “Careers in Publishing” in the Humanities/Social Science forum

Nov. 16-20: “University Administration for STEM” in the STEM forum

Jan. 25-29: “Careers in Business” in the Humanities/Social Science forum

Feb. 22-26: “Careers in Software Engineering” in the STEM forum

Mar. 14-18: “Careers in Technical Writing” in the Humanities/Social Science forum

Mark your calendars for the topics that interest you and plan to visit the site a lot those weeks!

If you know anyone who would make a good panelist on any of these topics, great, shoot me an email with their name and ideally their LinkedIn profile so I can look at their background. All panelists must be either PhD or ABD in one of the “research disciplines” (humanities, social science or STEM), employed outside the academy, and have a generally helpful nature. Self-nominations are welcome.

If you know someone who would be great but who is not working in any of the careers listed above, send me their name anyway so they can be considered in the future.

We hope this year will be a time of great progress towards all of your goals. Hopefully we can help with some of them.