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Graduate Student Internship at Duke University Press

Are you interested in an internship in Duke University Press’s editorial department? We are seeking graduate student interns to work on our World and Latin America Reader projects.

The World Readers and Latin America Readers are unique books that include journalism, primary source documents, literature, academic writing, art, cartoons, songs, and even recipes from various countries, cities, and regions. This series includes The Peru Reader, The Indonesia Reader, The Alaska Native Reader, The Mexico Reader and many others. We recently published The Dominican Republic Reader and The South Africa Reader and are working on Readers for Brazil, Colombia, Rio de Janeiro, and Haiti, now; Tibet, Bolivia, and Jamaica are due to arrive soon.

World Reader interns track down individual or corporate copyright holders across the world, negotiate contract terms with publishers in and outside the United States, research copyright law for each Reader’s country, and assess when public domain and fair use are applicable for a particular selection, so that rights are not required. Working on these engaging books requires stellar communication skills, creativity, an enthusiasm for puzzle-solving (often in the form of internet research), and a lot of attention to detail (directed at keeping track of permissions, art, and production issues for the many pieces that go into these books).

If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact Miriam Angress, Associate Editor, at mangress@dukeupress.edu.