Performances are in the Page Auditorium on Duke’s West Campus

Located next to the Duke Chapel, Page Auditorium is connected to Flowers Building and shares its entrance.

As you walk to the end of the Bryan Center parking lot (to the round-about) from Science Drive, Page Auditorium is in front of you and off to your left. Walk up the stairs between the Duke Chapel and Page Auditorium to enter the main doors.

Note: The handicapped entrance and direct access to orchestra level seating is located at the side of the auditorium off of the Bryan Center parking lot.

Considering that this is an environmentally-inspired performance, we encourage public transportation to the event.  On campus, buses C-1 and C-2 leaving East Campus from Campus Dr. arrive at Chapel Dr. on West Campus within minutes.  Transportation between UNC and Duke — the Robertson Scholars Express leaves Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill at the top of the hour and arrives at Chapel Dr. within 30 minutes.  We encourage you to consult the Duke Buses website for schedules and additional routes.

Parking is available in the Bryan Center Parking Deck (PG IV), located on Science Drive between Duke Chapel and the Bryan Center.  Typically, a special event parking fee of $5 will be charged by Duke Parking Office attendants upon entrance (mention you are here for How to Build a Forest); see below for details about Saturday’s parking (the Duke-UNC football game).  For hours in which there is not an assigned attendant, the cost for parking will be $2 per hour. Duke employees with valid parking permits can park free in the Bryan Center Parking Deck (PG IV) after 5 pm.

If, for some reason, there are no available places to park in the Bryan Center, consider the visitor parking lot across from the Fuqua School of Business on Science Drive.  Driving down Science Drive from the Bryan Center, this lot will be on your left after you pass Fuqua (on your right) and Whitford Dr. (on your left).

Accessible parking available in Bryan Center Lot and adjacent parking garage (PG4). Drop off area in Bryan Center Lot/Traffic Circle.

As you may know, Duke and UNC football play each other at Duke on Saturday, October 20th (7 pm game time).  Traffic is re-routed during high-turnout events, so here is what to expect:

  1. Lots of traffic.  If you would like to attend the evening portion of the Forest, plan to arrive early so you can make it to Page Auditorium with time to spare.
  2. Blocked roads: enter campus at Erwin Road and Research Drive.  Access to many campus entrances will be restricted.  Please enter campus via Research Drive (from Erwin Road), taking a right at the traffic circle.  Turn Left on Towerview Rd. and another left onto Science Drive.  The Bryan Center garage is on the right.
  3. Check points.  Check points are set up at 3pm.  If you encounter a road block, identify yourself as a Forest patron.  The attendant will give you a permit to drive to the Bryan Center Garage (these internal roads are closed to the general public during game days).
  4. Parking passes.  Once you arrive at the Bryan Center garage, you will be charged $5 and given a parking pass to park in one of our reserved spaces.  At this point, you will be asked to return the access permit you were given at the check point.

Here is a map of the traffic patterns on campus for game-days.  Note that PG4 (marked in yellow) is the Bryan Center Garage.




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