Interdisciplinary Collaboration Seminar

Sponsor: Franklin Humanities Institute

October 11th
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Smith Warehouse FHI “Garage”

Lisa D’Amour and Shawn Hall, two of the artists in residency for How to Build a Forest will talk for 15-20 minutes about the collaborative process they’ve built over the course of Forest  — how they bring collaborators to the table, develop a common language/come to understand each other’s language, etc. For the other 40 minutes or so we invite faculty and students to present their projects (some in process, some in theory).

Folks that want to present will be given 5 minutes to talk about their projects and solicit input/feedback from the artists and the other participants – please bring a jump drive and load it prior to the start of the brown bag at noon.

Bring your lunch.  We’ll provide beverages.

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Parking info and location: click here

One thought on “Interdisciplinary Collaboration Seminar

  1. I regret I cannot participate in this discussion! My work also addresses art activism. I began the If I could say to America project during my Paris artist residency in May/June. I just held another event in the DC area last night. Progress and participation has certainly been slow going, and I’m definitely having trouble meeting the challenges of becoming an activist artist since turning my work in that direction.

    I will be at SECAC co-chairing a panel the following weekend, and will come assist with the installation that Saturday. I am also an art historian and was just placed in charge of developing the Humanities program at Northern Virginia Community College, so the work you are doing at Duke appeals to me on many levels. Is there a faculty member involved with the school and the residency programming I can speak with while I’m there?

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