Background Materials


Katie Pearl, Lisa D’Amour and Shawn Hall describe How to Build a Forest – the collaboration, the ecosystems that inspired it, and its core values

They have provided a field guide for the materials used in the performance as well

Partial Bibliography

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Kurlansky, Mark: Cod – A biography of the fish that changed the world

Leiren-Young, Mark: The Green Chain

Leopold, Aldo: A Sand County Almanac

McPhee, John: Control of Nature

Merwin, WS: Unchopping a Tree (poem/essay)

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Pollan, Michael: The Botany of Desire; see and PBS’ Botany of Desire video

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Valient, Jon: The Golden Spruce

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Additional Resources

The Crochet Coral Reef Project – our responsibility to the ocean

The Story of Stuff

Maya Lin’s “Unchopping a Tree,” part of her 2009 What is Missing memorial project.

World Environment Day (WED) sponsored by the United Nations. Occurs every June 5. In 2011 the theme was Forests: Nature at your Service.

The World of Waste Infographic (from Science)  offers insights into where the world’s waste is coming from, where it is going, and how waste streams are changing.

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