Nikhil Sridhar

Nikhil Sridhar is a graduate of Duke University’s program in political science with a concentration in political economy. His primary interests are in the history of economic thought and the economics of money and banking, though he is also immensely passionate about philosophy and classic rock. As an undergraduate, he was active in economics and politics, and served as the chairman of both Duke’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty and Duke College Republicans, in addition to co-captaining Duke’s College Fed Challenge team. He is a former Burton C. Gray Memorial intern at Reason Magazine, and he completed the Cato Institute’s internship program with their Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives. He is an incoming M.A. fellow in economics at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, where he hopes to contribute to the advancement of liberalism in economic policy.

Faculty Advisor: Richard Salsman

Honors Thesis:
Blast from the Past: Hayek, Gold, and Money