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Access problems and issues

You may have problems
If you are trying to access a journal you need to be signed in

Some Problems may be…
• Not logged in with institution’s User Name/ Password
• Technical problems
• Problems with the local system
• The publisher has not authorized access (mainly a problem for group B countries)

Make sure you have logged in, you can check on the home page, it will display a message telling you that you are logged in
You can also check through the URL, it will say http://hinari-gw.who.int/whalecom…

To check the access of a journal, go to ‘Journals by title A-Z’
While viewing the page, there will be a green box that shows you have access to the journal
If there is a ! then you don’t have access

If you are denied access despite the green box follow these instructions
1. Double check your login
2. Contact HINARI at hinari@who.int

In your email include…
1. User Name
2. Name of the journal(s) and other details
3. If you can include a screen capture the contains the URL of the journal
• To create a screen capture, click on the Print Screen key while on the page. Then Paste (edit/ paste or control/V) the capture into a word processing document to send as an attachment

Other Issues may include a problem with the firewall
To fix this you must…
• Check with computer department to make sure the firewall does not block HINARI
• Computer must have access to HINARI’s proxy server
• Insure that you have access to HINARI IP address, otherwise you can’t login in properly