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Advanced PubMed searching

In Video 3 we went over a simple search in PubMed, and sometimes that is not enough so now we will go over a more advanced search in PubMed

Sometime you will need a more specific search because PubMed creates citations to many other sites, which can lead to way too many articles to look through

To do a more specific search in PubMed…
1. Think about the topic and what information you want to find, think about key concepts in your questions
2. Log into HINARI and go into PubMed like how you did in the simple search
3. Type the first concept into your search bar
4. After you click search the results will appear, scroll down to view the search details box
5. Expanding that box will take you to a relevant MeSH mapped search for relavent terms
6. Now to search for the second term type directly into search box at the top (an important note is that we are looking up these completely separately and will combine them later on)
7. Go again to the MeSH terms and type in more key words, indexed terms will automatically be added in to the search
8. Click on Advanced Search, which contains the history from this session, and click ADD next to the set numbers associated with the best sets together with the best connecting words
9. Make sure you use AND to look for both words or OR to look for either word