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How to search PubMed through HINARI

A faster way to find articles on a topic is to search through PubMed in HINARI
HINARI links to a special version of PubMed that makes it easier to find full text articles in HINARI and articles free on the internet

To search for an article…
1. Type a term and click search
2. Since the search was very broad, you will want to add more key words or refine the search
3. Use AND between words to get citations with both key words or OR to get citations with either word
4. Use filters to refine your search, some examples would be by date, age, etc
5. Don’t click free text of full text yet because this might remove some options you could get through HINARI
6. The default view is called Summary view and it is very broad, and it list only basic information
7. There are two buttons, the first is a publisher button, and the second is the HINARI button
8. Use the PDF option for the easiest saving and printing