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Access problems and issues

You may have problems
If you are trying to access a journal you need to be signed in

Some Problems may be…
• Not logged in with institution’s User Name/ Password
• Technical problems
• Problems with the local system
• The publisher has not authorized access (mainly a problem for group B countries)

Make sure you have logged in, you can check on the home page, it will display a message telling you that you are logged in
You can also check through the URL, it will say http://hinari-gw.who.int/whalecom…

To check the access of a journal, go to ‘Journals by title A-Z’
While viewing the page, there will be a green box that shows you have access to the journal
If there is a ! then you don’t have access

If you are denied access despite the green box follow these instructions
1. Double check your login
2. Contact HINARI at hinari@who.int

In your email include…
1. User Name
2. Name of the journal(s) and other details
3. If you can include a screen capture the contains the URL of the journal
• To create a screen capture, click on the Print Screen key while on the page. Then Paste (edit/ paste or control/V) the capture into a word processing document to send as an attachment

Other Issues may include a problem with the firewall
To fix this you must…
• Check with computer department to make sure the firewall does not block HINARI
• Computer must have access to HINARI’s proxy server
• Insure that you have access to HINARI IP address, otherwise you can’t login in properly

Advanced PubMed searching

In Video 3 we went over a simple search in PubMed, and sometimes that is not enough so now we will go over a more advanced search in PubMed

Sometime you will need a more specific search because PubMed creates citations to many other sites, which can lead to way too many articles to look through

To do a more specific search in PubMed…
1. Think about the topic and what information you want to find, think about key concepts in your questions
2. Log into HINARI and go into PubMed like how you did in the simple search
3. Type the first concept into your search bar
4. After you click search the results will appear, scroll down to view the search details box
5. Expanding that box will take you to a relevant MeSH mapped search for relavent terms
6. Now to search for the second term type directly into search box at the top (an important note is that we are looking up these completely separately and will combine them later on)
7. Go again to the MeSH terms and type in more key words, indexed terms will automatically be added in to the search
8. Click on Advanced Search, which contains the history from this session, and click ADD next to the set numbers associated with the best sets together with the best connecting words
9. Make sure you use AND to look for both words or OR to look for either word

How to search PubMed through HINARI

A faster way to find articles on a topic is to search through PubMed in HINARI
HINARI links to a special version of PubMed that makes it easier to find full text articles in HINARI and articles free on the internet

To search for an article…
1. Type a term and click search
2. Since the search was very broad, you will want to add more key words or refine the search
3. Use AND between words to get citations with both key words or OR to get citations with either word
4. Use filters to refine your search, some examples would be by date, age, etc
5. Don’t click free text of full text yet because this might remove some options you could get through HINARI
6. The default view is called Summary view and it is very broad, and it list only basic information
7. There are two buttons, the first is a publisher button, and the second is the HINARI button
8. Use the PDF option for the easiest saving and printing

Finding a full-text article via HINARI

Go to www.who.int/hinari, and login in
If you are having trouble, go to video 5 or contact your librarian

To find a journal…
1. Start with the journal title, then browse to the volume and issue
2. Browse by year or volume, then find specific pages to do a more refined search
3. Once you find what you are looking for click on PDF if you wish to print or save the document
4. If you don’t find the journal you are looking for, you may need to look in PubMed

To look for an article in PubMed…
1. Go to the home page of HINARI and click “Search inside HINARI full-text using PubMed” link
2. Click on Single Citation Matcher under PubMed tools
3. Enter as much information as you can from your citation and click go
Since this is reference in PubMed to find the full text look for the HINARI button, or a link to Free Full Text
If you do not see either one of these buttons the article may not be available through HINARI for free

What is Hinari

HINARI is a free or low-cost digital biomedical library
Users may be able to gain access to thousands of articles and journals to conduct research

HINARI was set up by the World Health Organization together with major publishers

Through the program, non-profit institutions in developing countries can have free or low-cost access to online content. As of 2012, there are over 15,000 information resources in HINARI

Country eligibility is based on three international measures of gross national income and development
• Group A –free access
• Group B –Low-cost access
Visit www.wgi.int/hinari to get more information about eligibility

Only institutions can register
Contact your librarian if you require help with login or go to Video 5: Access problems and issues