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Registering a YubiKey

These instructions apply to registering a YubiKey.  A YubiKey will allow you to provide advanced authentication to sites without using your phone. To obtain a YubiKey, contact the Biology Help Desk.

For instructions on how to log in using YubiKey, please scoll down the page to next section.

For Mac users:
To download YubiKey Personalization Tool you will have to sign into the App store using your Apple ID and Password

1. Go to Multi-Factor Authentication Home page (https://idms-mfa.oit.duke.edu/mfa/home)

2. Sign in using your NetID and password.

3. Select Advanced Options


4. Select Register a hardware toke (YubiKey)

    Here it is also possible to remove any lost YubiKey tokens.

5. The page which follows, Register your hardware token (YubiKey), contains instructions for setting up the YubiKey.

At the bottom of the page, there are required fields to be filled in, to register the YubiKey. Please make sure the page remains open, to complete the process

6. Download and install the YubiKey Personalization Tool.

    The links provided will download the YubiKey Personalization Tool.
Link for Mac download
Link for Windows download

7. Start the YubiKey Personalization Tool.


8. Insert the YubiKey into a USB port.

9. Wait for the Personalization Tool to recognize the YubiKey, then click Yubico OTP Mode.


10. Click Quick


11. Select Configuration Slot 1, then click Regenerate.


12. Uncheck Hide Values, then click Write Configuration.


13. Click Yes to confirm


14. Click Cancel, if prompted to optionally save the configuration


15. The following values have to be entered, at the very bottom of the Register your hardware token (YubiKey) page.

Logging in using YubiKey

1. To log in using the YubiKey, enter the NetID and Password, then click the field labeled Enter pass code or insert YubiKey.

2. Insert the YubiKey into an available USB port, then press the disk on top.

3. The YubiKey will enter a passcode, and proceed to log into the web page.

Note: It is safe to remove the YubiKey at any time.