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Temporary Pass Codes

Temporary pass codes are only good for 72 hours after received. The main purpose of these pass codes is to allow the user to sign into Duke systems using multi-factor authentication who do not have access to a:

  1. Phone
    1. Home
    2. Office
    3. Basic Cell Phone
  2. YubiKey
  3. Smart device (with internet access)
    1. Smartphone
    2. Tablet computer

Obtaining Pass Codes

Visit https://idms-mfa.oit.duke.edu/mfa/home and sign in using your NetID and password.

Select Temporary Pass Codes

Click Generate Temporary Pass Codes

Answer the Challenge Response Question and Click Submit

The next page will display the temporary pass codes and allow you to print them

Click Print temporary pass codes

How To Use

Enter your NetID and password, Click the pass code field, then type any one of the pass code provided