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Microsoft Outlook 2016 Setup Instructions

Students and faculty at Duke are provided free subscriptions to Office 365, the most recent cloud-based suite of select Microsoft products. This is a guide that will assist you in setting up and installing of Outlook 2016, Microsoft’s e-mail client, from Office 365.

To learn more about this system you can visit Duke OIT’s website here: http://oit.duke.edu/email-accounts/office365/

OS X – Office 2016

Remember, if you run into problems syncing Outlook to your email, you can still access your e-mail normally through the online web account. All of your e-mail will be available using whichever browser you prefer. Please contact the IT Service Desk should you need help with setting up access to your Office 365 account with Microsoft Outlook.

To setup your new e-mail client, follow the instructions below:

1) Navigate to your Duke email at mail.duke.edu, then go to Settings (gear icon at top right corner of the page)

2) Select “Office 365” under “Your app settings”; you may have to scroll down in the settings menu.

2) In the Settings page, select “Software” to get to the Office install screen, shown below.

3)    Click “Install” and run the Microsoft Office Installer package or executable.

4) After installing Office 365, launch Outlook 2016 from your Applications folder. You should see the following first launch screen (second picture), in which you can select “Add Account“.

Note: If this is not your first launch of Outlook but you would like to add a new account, launch Outlook and navigate in the top menu to: Outlook > Preferences > Accounts under Personal Settings Add a new account by clicking the “+” icon in the bottom left corner.

Important: Choose “Exchange” in the “+” icon menu, shown below:

5) Fill out your account information (this has to be filled out accurately in order for Outlook to connect to your mail account).
  • In the box labeled E-Mail Address Enter your Duke e-mail alias with your firstname.lastname@duke.edu
  • In the box labeled “Method” Select Username and Password
  • In the box labeled “User name”: enter your Duke NetID@duke.edu
  • In the box labeled “Password” enter your Duke NetID Password , check the box to Configure Automatically
6) You will see a pop up saying that Outlook was redirected to the server auto discover-s.outlook.com to get new settings for your account. Check the box to Always use my response for this server and Select Allow (It is defaulted to Deny this request, you need to ALLOW this to get your account settings setup automatically)
 7) Your Duke email address is now added to your desktop Outlook client; this will be confirmed in the Outlook > Preferences panel.
8) You will now be able to use your Outlook client to read and send mail on your Desktop, as well as manage Calendars and folders. Happy emailing!