As a postdoctoral fellow at Notre Dame, I served as co-instructor, with Michael Zuckert, of a graduate course on Hobbes and Spinoza. At Bowdoin I  taught eight different courses, including two first-year seminars, and intermediate- or upper-level classes on topics such as: classical political philosophy, American political thought, Medieval Christian and Islamic political philosophy, liberalism and its critics, modern political thought, and the legacy of Roman republicanism. At Duke, I am currently teaching a course entitled Left, Right, and Center.

Duke University

Left, Right, and Center. Syllabus

Bowdoin College

Fundamental Exercises in Political Theory (Introductory Seminar). Syllabus.

Classical Political Philosophy. Syllabus.

Comparative Political Philosophy: Islam and Christianity in the Medieval World. Syllabus.

American Political Thought. Syllabus.

Human Being and Citizen. Syllabus.

Liberalism and Its Critics. Syllabus.

Modern Political Thought. Syllabus.

The Idea of Rome: from Cicero to Shakespeare. Syllabus.

Course evaluations of the above.

Notre Dame

Hobbes and Spinoza (co-instructor of record with Michael Zuckert). Syllabus . Student evaluations: numerical, written