My name is Michael C. Hawley. I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Government and Legal Studies Department at Bowdoin College. Before arriving here, I was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Political Science at Notre Dame.  I obtained my PhD in Political Science from  Duke University in 2017, specializing in political theory and religion and politics.

Much of my research focuses on the relationship between classical Rome and modern politics. In part, I hope that we can understand ourselves better–our political ideas and practices–by recognizing how much we have borrowed from the Romans. But I am also interested in exploring the ways in which the Romans still pose a challenge to our contemporary ideas of justice, liberty, and popular sovereignty.

In addition, I have a wide variety of other research (and teaching) interests. I am a political theorist in large part because this field has always been especially open to exploring the important questions of human life across disciplinary boundaries, using a variety of methodological approaches. I plan to continue to explore whatever questions spark my curiosity, and so my research currently involves contemporary theories of rhetoric, Islamic and Christian political philosophy, modern just war theory, and American political thought.


(Also, I have found that visitors using Google’s Chrome browser will occasionally have difficulty viewing some of the pages of my site. I am working to solve that problem now. Apologies for the inconvenience. So far, other browsers have not had problems. So, reloading the site on Safari or Firefox should do the trick for now.)

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