HARP awarded a new R01 grant from NIDA

This 5-year grant entitled, Modeling the effects of chronic marijuana use on neuroinflammation and HIV-related neuronal injury, was awarded to Dr. Christina Meade (PI) and Dr. Sheri Towe (Co-I) in the HIV and Addictions Research Program at Duke. The hypothesis-drived proposal will investigate the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms of HIV-associated brain dysfunction and the mechanisms through which chronic marijuana use may alter the central nervous system. The cohort of 140 adults will complete cutting-edge neuroimaging, immune and cytokine profiling, and neuropsychological testing three times over 2 years. Capitalizing on ultrahigh-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) capabilities at Duke, we will use multimodal, multi-parametric sequences to investigate neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative processes. This multidisciplinary project is a collaborative effort with Dr. Brian Soher in Radiology, Dr. Mehri McKellar in Medicine, and Dr. Doug Williamson in Psychiatry.

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