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Maintaining my 2008 mini cooper s

Case I: how to reset the service indicator

To Reset Service Indicators such as the Oil Service Interval, or the Brake Wear Light, perform the following steps:

To enter the service Menu:

Insert Key
Do not press clutch / brake
Press Start button
Wait until the Car / relevant Service symbol disappears on the Rev counter display
Immediately after the symbol goes out - Press and hold Both buttons on the Rev Counter
Continue to hold - the system will run a dash light check
Continue to hold
Display will then show VIN / Menu, - continue to hold through this until the time Reappears on the display.
Now release Only the Right hand Button (trip reset) for about a second, and then press and hold again (whilst still holding the LH button)
After another second or 2 the display will show the Front Brake Symbol 
You Are now in the Service Menu 
Release both buttons on the Rev Counter - and complete the rest of the procedure with the BC button alone
Use the BC Button (on indicator stalk) to scroll through to the relevant symbol - eg Oil Reset or Rear Brakes
To Reset the warning indicator light - Press & Hold the BC Button at the relevant symbol until RESET appears - then press and hold again until the process is complete.
Turn Off and On the Ignition again - Warning should now have gone! 

Here is another procedure posted by 'A' below (Thank you A):

Start the ignition and wait for the service info to go out.
Then press and hold the right button.
The first service item should appear after 10s on the display.
Release the odo-reset button and keep the button on the light stack pressed.
Now "reset?" should appear below the service item.
To reset, press AND keep the indicator tack button once more.
During this time a clock will appear. Some seconds later the procedure is complete.
Repeat for all service items you want to reset.

Here are the online resources I found very useful:

A clean step-by-step instruction
A blurry video on 2008 model
A clear video for 2013

Case II: It turns out that my mini’s AC is not working. I wanted to give it a try and fix it if I could

This post reveals the secret of how a dealership will trick you for something can be done by yourself.

Let's see this in three steps:

Step 1: check the fuse  -- easy
Step 2: check the cabin air filter -- easy. Mine needs to be pulled from the front, and it is easy.
Step 3: check the coolant -- easy + $50 

Beyond this, I shall check the AC coil relay to make sure the relay is good. By connecting 30 and 87, one shall hear the clutch engaging. It turns out accessing this clutch relay is a neightmare. 

Here is a good video on how to remove the bumper
Also, one can remove the radiator here
Oil and filter change can be done without lifting the vehicle
Test the AC coil here. This post was done for an 04 model, the 08 model does NOT seem to have a AC clutch relay.
To change the coil, it is not that easy.

Here are a few more complicated videos on testing the AC system

Testing whethere the clutch engages properly
Here is a better video
Another one with details diagnosis

Case III: I need to get another remote key knob replacement

A off-market replacement can be purchased here, but it needs to be programmed and curved
The dealer will NOT help to program the key knob if it is not purchase from BMW dealership.