H4D in the Media

Both Duke and other university H4Ds have been in the news:


Here at Duke:

NPR Followed around one of our teams and did a story on the class. Read their piece here.

Duke Magazine wrote an article about course here.


Around the Country:

UWF discusses their first H4D trial here.

UC Boulder team competes in a national pitch competition. Read more.

Inc. talks with an Army Colonel about H4D.

Army ALT Magazine discusses H4D.

The WSJ analyzes innovation in the military here.

USC adds H4D.

Steve Blank looks back on how his course has progressed. Read more.

NDAA appropriates $15 million to expand H4D, read about it here.

Pete Newell describes what H4D is here.

Defense Acquisition University talks about H4D.

See the universities H4D is being offered in.

New Executive Director appointed to guide H4D expansion. Read more here.

Steve Blank talks about Columbia taking on his course.

DHS and James Madison partner on Aviation Security through H4D.

H4D works to improve Wounded Warriors care. Check it out.

H4D gains ground in the Pentagon.

Steve Blanks talks about H4D in the Raddington Report. Read it here.

The Hill examines the ideas behind and goals for H4D here.

H4D takes on casualty care triage for the Army. 

The Palo Alto VA works with H4D on Big Data solutions. Read about it here.

Wired dives into H4D.

Mercury News looks at the original H4D class.

Steve Blank’s lessons learned from the first H4D class. See what they were here.

Voice of America takes a look at H4D here.

CIMS talks about their experience with H4D.

JMU talks about the break down of their H4D class here.

General Blount talks to H4D students at USM. See what he had to say.

Council on Foreign Relations looks at how H4D has impacted both Defense and Silicon Valley here.

The Huffington Post discusses the Lean Startup methodology.

Georgetown’s H4D was analyzed by Forbes here.

SMU adds H4D.

Boise State adds H4D.

Stanford’s Technology Ventures Program looks at H4D. Read here.

Georgetown’s Chris Taylor talks H4D.

Foreign Policy examines H4D here.

The Hill writes about H4D.

IEEE discusses the first H4D class in 2016. Read about their take.

The Army looks back on its first experience with H4D. Read more.

Steve Blank discusses how his first try at H4D went.

LA Times takes an interest in H4D.

Bloomberg looks at Stanford H4D.​

H4D at UCSD.

The ​Huffington Post analyzed the State Department taking on the Lean-Startup methodology here.

SFChronicle discusses Stanford H4D’s work with the State Department here.

TRIBLive interviews Pitt H4D. Read more.​

John Kerry visits Hacking for Diplomacy at Stanford​. Read more.

War on the rocks did a piece about Stanford’s H4D here.