Phytotron Growth Chambers Cycloptics™ Lighting Retrofit

Growth Chamber – Cycloptics

Eight reach-in type growth chambers in the Phytotron had been operating since the 1980’s with luminaires consisting  of (8) 400W metal halide lamps and (6) 60W incandescent lamps.

Retrofitting the reach-in (R) chambers with a more energy efficient lighting system was investigated by the Phytotron staff.  The goal was to find a lighting design that would supply the same light level and quality as the old luminaires with enough energy savings to make the retrofit cost a feasible investment.

Working with Cycloptics™ Technologies LLC, a luminaire was designed consisting of  (4) Philips Elite Agro™  315W ceramic metal halide lamps operating with Cycloptics™ All-Bright™ reflectors.

The payback period for the investment in retrofitting the chambers was estimated to be 16.5 months (1.37 years).

With such a short payback period all eight of the Phytotron R Chambers were retrofitted with the more efficient Cycloptics™ lighting system.


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