Schedule of Assignments

Do not print this schedule. Subject to change at any time, up to the class meeting preceding that on which the assignment is due.

Republic, 327a-5354c [43 OCT pages]Republic Book 1
Aug. 30Plato Rep. 327a-328d6 [2.5 OCT pages]Read by sight in class
Sept. 1No class. waj in CA
Sept. 6Rep. 328d7-331d9 [4.5]Cephalus
Sept. 8Rep. 331e1-336a10 [8 OCT pages, but lots of snappy dialogue, so not all that much]Polemarchus
Sept. 13Rep. 336b1-339a4 [4]Thrasymachus
Sept. 15Rep. 339a5-342d1 [5]
Sept. 20Rep. 343d2-347a6 [6]Thrasymachus's speech
Sept. 22347a7-350c11 [6.5]

Sept. 27350c12-352d6 [3.5]Secondary reading: Finish reading/rereading Julia Annas, An Introduction to Plato's Republic, chapter 2, "Book One"
Sept. 29352d7-354c3 (end of "Book I") [3.5]Secondary reading, student generated
Oct. 4Work on short paper
Oct. 6Short paper/presentation on Republic Book I
Oct. 11
(Fall break is Oct. 7-11)
Oct. 13(canceled, illness)
Oct. 18Republic Book 10; 595a-587b13
Oct. 20No class (waj in Munich)
Oct. 25Final paper revision due
Republic 597c-621d [41 OCT pages]Republic Book 10
Oct. 27597c-602b [8]
Nov. 1602c-605b [5](best to read a bit further to make time for the secondary reading on Thursday)
Nov. 3605b-608b [4]Secondary reading. Moss 2007: Jessica Moss, "What is imitative poetry and why is it bad?" in Cambridge Companion to Plato's Republic, ed. G. Ferrari, 2007.
Nov. 8608c-612a [5.5]Time to choose and start work on translation project
Nov. 10612b-615c [5]
Nov. 15615d-618b [5]
Nov. 17618b-621d [4]Secondary Reading. Barney 2010: Rachel Barney, "Platonic Ring Composition and Republic X" in Plato's Republic, A Critical Guide, ed. M. McPherran, 2010.
Nov. 22 (Nov. 24 is Thanksgiving)No Class (waj in San Antonio)Phase 1 of translation project due.
Republic, Books 2-3: 376e-398b [32 OCT pp.]Plato on Poetry, Republic Books 2-3
Nov. 29[Book 2} 376e-380c [7]
Dec. 1380c-383c [6] + [Book 3] 386a-387b [2]
Dec. 6[Book 3] 387c-392c [9]
Dec. 8392c-398b [8]
Exam dateFinal version of translation project due