Duke GradX Presenter Schedule 


3:05 pm                                        Opening Remarks


James Budinich

Sonifying CRISPR: How to compose new music inspired by CRISPR genetic editing


Maggie Swift

How elephants interact with a seasonally-fluxing landscape—and what might happen when the waterholes that weave this tapestry disappear?


Travis Knoll

How did a country as racially unequal as Brazil come to unanimously affirm race-based university quotas as constitutional?


Meredith Schmehl

How does seeing help us hear?


Cole Wicker

How can history inform land conservation?


Nidhila Masha

In individuals with multiple sclerosis, does childhood exposure to second-hand smoke increase severity of multiple sclerosis?


3-Minute Break

3:50 pm


Jennifer Kades

Is part of the story of the “great resignation” a shift in the psychological cost of unemployment?


Akash Singh

How an engineered phase of a synthetic mineral could broaden up its application space?


Sam Hall

“Forever Chemicals:” How can we better understand the human exposure and health effects of these toxic PFAS Chemicals in North Carolina?


S. Monroe

Is the vagus nerve an immune signaling pathway during respiratory infection?


Qirui Ju

How does corruption affect innovation?


August Frenchette

What could the future of household water use look like in the United States?


3-Minute Break


4:35 pm


Keynote Presentation


Nicki Washington, Ph.D

How can we teach to transgress in compouting?



Following the presentations, please join us for virtual breakout rooms!