Legislation includes bylaw changes, graduate student community governance, and resolutions.

Resolutions are written legislation that is brought to motion by a member of the General Assembly.  The main purpose of a resolution is to call a group to action or make a statement of support.   They are a written record of the important issues and concerns of the greater graduate and professional student populations and can be shared with administrators.


Process of creating and approving a resolution:

  • There is no specific format required by the GPSC bylaws for resolutions. Instead, the GPSC Executive board strongly suggests using UN Resolution Guidelines. This helps to ensure that all the resolutions have a similar format and are easy to read.
  • A resolution must be submitted no less than three days before the General Assembly meeting during which the resolution will be motioned on.
  • A member of the General Assembly must motion to discuss and ultimately vote on the resolution. This requires the General Assembly to have reached quorum.