Community Outreach

The GPSC Community Outreach Committee has several goals:

  • To provide regularly occurring community service/outreach programming to graduate and professional students.
  • To provide support to existing graduate and professional service groups.
  • To facilitate communication and collaboration between campus service groups.
  • To advocate for the inclusion of graduate and professional students in university service initiatives.
  • To improve the relationship between Duke University and Durham through our programming.

To stay up-to-date with current GPSC community outreach programming, please join the GPSC Community Outreach Facebook group. To learn more about GPSC community outreach, please contact the Director of Community Outreach.

We encourage GPSC members to tell us about their community outreach.Taking a few minutes to enter your participation will help us gauge outreach efforts of Graduate and Professional students and University participation by School. The volunteer efforts that you record do not have to originate with GPSC or Duke and can include donations to charitable causes.