Young Trustees

Applications are now open for the position of Graduate Young Trustee!  Please consider serving!  Please note that there will be an information session about the Young Trustee position held Thursday, November 29, 5:30 p.m. – approx. 6:30 p.m. in the Holsti-Anderson Family Assembly Room in the Rubenstein Library and run by the Office of the Secretary.  This session will be a good opportunity to learn more about the Young Trustee position and the application process, however attendance is not required to apply for the Young Trustee position.  Details of the application process are below.  The application is due before midnight Monday December 17, 2018. 

What is the Young Trustee?

The Young Trustee is a sitting member on the Duke University Board of Trustees. As a former, or current graduate and professional student at the University, the Young Trustee is in the unique position to provide graduate and professional student perspectives to the Board. Responsibilities of the Young Trustee include, but are not limited to, serving on the full board, one standing committee, and one strategic task force. This entails reading all meeting materials in advance of meetings, traveling to Durham or other locations for meetings (costs covered by Duke University), engaging in discussion of meeting topics, submitting official votes on issues brought to the board, and maintaining the confidentiality of board business. Elected annually, the Young Trustee serves a two or three-year term. The term length alternates by year. The Young Trustee elected to begin their term in 2019 shall serve a two-year term. During the first year, the Young Trustee acts as a non-voting observer. During the second year, the Young Trustee is a full voting member. The position of Young Trustee is a privilege and an honor, both for the student elected and for the entire graduate and professional student body.

Eligibility and Application Instructions (2018-2019):

All current graduate and professional students, as well as students who have graduated in the spring or summer terms of 2018 are eligible to apply for Young Trustee. Students in the final year of their program are strongly encouraged to apply. The Young Trustee is not permitted to serve as GPSC president or be a non-student employee of Duke University during his or her term.

Applicants must submit a written application as described below.  Semi-finalists will be selected from among these applicants to interview with the Young Trustee Selection Committee in January 2018.  Three finalists will be nominated by the selection committee to speak to the GPSC general assembly who will vote to confirm the choice for Graduate Young Trustee 2019.

To apply, please submit your application via the Qualtrics poll at this link

Please submit the following materials as PDF documents.

  1. A cover sheet with your name, address, telephone, email, school and/or department, year in program, and expected graduation date. Please do not include personally identifying information on other pages of your application packet as our initial review of applications is performed blindly. Please save this coversheet titled with your full name_Cover.
  2. Resume or CV (2-page maximum).  Please remove your name and identifying information. Please save this CV titled with your full name _CV.
  3. A single document answering the below questions following the word counts provided. Please save this document as full name_Questions.
    1. Please explain your interest in the Young Trustee position, your qualifications for the position, and your ability to serve the broad interests of Duke University. (1000-words)
    2. What experiences have prepared you for the role of Young Trustee? (500-words)
    3. What allows you to have a broader perspective which informs your thinking?  (500-words)
    4. What is the role of the university in society? (500-words)
    5. (Optional) Are there other anecdotes, hobbies, or qualities not otherwise expressed in this application which you feel would make you an excellent candidate specifically for Duke Young Trustee? (250-words)

The application deadline is 11:59pm, Monday December 17, 2018. Candidates invited to interview will be contacted in January 2018. The Young Trustee Screening Committee looks forward to reading your application! If you have any questions, please email the Young Trustee Screening Committee.

GPSC Young Trustee 2018-2019

Amy Hafez and Erika Moore

GPSC Young Trustee 2017-2018

Erika Moore and Christopher Paul

GPSC Young Trustee 2016-2017

Ben Shellhorn and Christopher Paul

GPSC Young Trustee Archive


Shannon O’Connor (MD/PhD) and Ben Shellhorn


Shannon O’Connor (MD/PhD) and Katherine Duch


Katherine Duch (Sanford ’13) and Malik Burnett


Malik Burnett (MD/MBA) and Ali Saaem


Ali Saaem (BME) and Adrienne Clough


Adrienne Clough (MBA) and James McDonald


James McDonald (Law) and Xing Zong


Xing Zong (Physics) and Ben Kennedy


Ben Kennedy and Justin Klein


Justin Klein and Rob Saunders


Rob Saunders


Tomalei Vess


Clark Smith