GPSC Student Group Funding

Current GPSC Funding Cycle Information

For any questions regarding this application, please contact Joyce Zhang at
Please Read the information below about funding eligibility and followup requirements.

Eligibility for funding 

  1. Groups must be affiliated with GPSC through Directions for affiliation are here.
  2. Groups must have a fundcode issued by UCAE or your Graduate/Professional school.
    1. Instructions on applying for a fundcode can be found here: Fund Code Application Instructions
  3. Groups must advertise all previous and future GPSC funded events in the GPSCNews. To submit an event to GPSC news go here.
  4. THIS is how to pay for events. More info can be found here: How to Pay for Events

Eligible events and items

Due to limited funding, GPSC cannot fund certain high cost items. For a full description of the funding guidelines please visit the GPSC By-Laws here.

According to the By-Laws “Items that will not be considered for funding include alcohol, scholarship, travel expenses to an event, and food for social events. Funding for food that is an integral part of an event may be considered.  Speakers may be considered if the event is cosponsored.”

The finance committee of GPSC looks favorably on events and activities that have the following components:

  1. Have unique academic value;
  2. Raise awareness of other cultures;
  3. Benefit others (such as community service, fundraisers, etc.);
  4. Satisfy a need in the Duke/Durham community
  5. Demonstrate cross-campus collaborations

Student Group Audits

The finance committee has the right to audit student groups to ensure funds are spent properly within the guidelines of GPSC’s By-Laws.

All GPSC funded student groups must submit a post-event report, including a copy of their receipts for all purchases or reimbursements, as soon as possible after the event has occurred.

Failure to save receipts or inappropriate spending of GPSC funds will result in a loss of funding privileges for future funding cycles.

The Funding Review Process

Applications are reviewed by the Finance Committee and approved by the General Assembly. For the summer funding cycle, the Executive Board approves the funding recommendations as the GA is in recess

The finance committee will meet after each funding deadline and before the following general body meeting. Group funding must be approved by the Assembly. Funded groups will be informed of funding decisions no later than one week following approval by the Assembly.