Lawyer Assistance Program

Holiday Hours: The first session of the new year will be held on Monday, January 14th, 2019 4pm – 7pm. For any questions regarding scheduling, please message

GPSC and DSG have partnered with a local law firm to continue the Lawyer Assistance Program.

The LAP provides students with three essential resources: Counseling, Reduction of Risk, and Mitigation of Legal Issues.


Lawyers are legal counsel.  Being able to meet informally with an attorney provides the individual student the opportunity to confidentially discuss any of a wide array of legal problems in a safe place. This ranges from navigating immigration rules, to business formation. On the other hand, the LAP provides an avenue to appraise the student of their options if they believe that they have been wronged, or are the subject of a legal matter.

Risk Reduction:

The LAP can have a preventative role, offering presentations regarding matters such as premises and host liability, or individual rights once one has been stopped or detained, or the Constitutional protections against unlawful search and seizure.  There is also a presentation on understanding sexual assault. 

Mitigation of Legal Charges:

Lastly, the Assistance Program can have a curative role as well by working directly with the student.  For example, through plea bargaining, charges are often reduced.  Sometimes agreement can be reached to even drop charges after a certain amount of community service hours are performed.  Also, sometimes there are paths to have prior charges expunged from the defendant’s record.

The LAP keeps office hours in the Griffith Board Room of the Bryan Center every Monday from 4 to 7 PM. Sign up for a 15-minute time-slot here. Note: students can sign up for as many time slots as they see necessary.