GPSC House

Need a place to host your event? GPSC has your answer!

GPSC has a space that Duke Graduate Student groups can use for events and meetings. The house has a living area, kitchen, conference room , meeting rooms and a yard . It is equipped to meet the needs of your events and meetings with eprint , photo printer, television, projector and some fun games.


a. Check the availability of the house on the GPSC House Availability Calendar. Please note that requests are processed in the order in which they are received, and the time you have chosen may not be available by the time your request is processed. Read the GPSC House Use Guidelines for information on how the house can be used and what events are likely to be approved. Make sure your group is registered in DukeGroups. Only registered groups will be allowed to reserve the house for events.

b. Please use this application to request use of the GPSC House located at 306 Alexander Ave. Please follow all instructions carefully and submit the application no later than 14 days before your proposed event. To apply: Click HereThe applicant must provide detailed information about the student group and the event.

c. Applicants will be informed by the Director of Operations of the decision about the application. Decisions are final, but applicants may reapply

Contact the Director of Operations for more info.