Fund Code Application

Funcodes are issued by Duke’s University Center for Activities and Events (UCAE) and UCAE handles the processing, administration and use of all Fundcodes they issue.

To apply for a fundcode follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your group does not have an existing fundcode. If you are unsure check DukeGroups for previous registrations of your group.
  2. Fill out the form provided at the link provided here.  If you have any questions regarding this form, please email the Director of University Affairs.
  3. Fundcode applications are then processed by UCAE. Please anticipate a two-month timeline for fund code approval. To check the status of your fund code application, please log in to DukeGroups and check if your group page shows a fund code.

    We encourage groups to apply for fund codes as soon as possible.  However, due to the inability to predict when  a fund code will be issued, groups who have applied for a fund code and are awaiting processing will be eligible for application to student group funding cycles.  Please not the funds CAN NOT be disbursed until a fun code is issued, so applying early is the best way to ensure that your organization will be able to receive funding when it is needed.