Militarization,Statelessness, and Refugees in the Global South

The Global South After 2010: Epistemologies of Militarization is hosting its final workshop of the semester on December 5th from 6-8pm in the FHI Conference Room (Room c107, Bay 4, Smith Warehouse). This workshop is organized around the theme of “Militarization, Statelessness, and Refugees in the Global South.” our guests will be Professor Ranjana Khanna (English, the Program in Literature, and GSFS) and Professor Robin Kirk (Co-Chair of the Human Rights Center, Cultural Anthropology). 

Discussion questions:
– Are we facing a trend of rising statelessness (in/voluntary)? If so, what does that mean for the Global South? Does this mean that the Global South is always escaping the strictures of the Global North?

– How and where do we see this happening in the Global North?

– Does anyone succeed in “regulating” these spaces?

– What are the ways militaries have interacted with stateless populations and refugees? Which of these are valid? What roles have they not yet played that they should? What roles should they relinquish?

– What does it mean for the Global North to grant you access as a refugee? 

– Who bears responsibility for refugees? What forms of contract do & do not protect the stateless?