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” French PM advised against total Islamic veil ban”

Continuing the conflict over the wearing of veils in France, France’s top administrative body issued a statement in which they said that a full ban may be unconstitutional.  The statement also included necessary precautions, and advised that any legislation would have to be very specific.

The council said any law could be in violation of the French constitution as well as the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Despite the warning, there are indications that the panel drafting legislation may ignore the advice and continue ahead with their original plan.  Regardless of what happens, this is sure to add more fuel to the fire and may prove divisive among the French government.

More on the Veil

Adding to the recent post about the proposed law relating to the wearing of full veils, a foreign national in France was denied citizenship for forcing his wife to wear a full veil.  The French government was quick to emphasis that they were protecting his wife’s liberty, rather than taking a stand against veils in general.  For the full story head over to the BBC

France’s Parliament Issues Report on the Veil Issue

Just yesterday a French Parliamentary Committee submitted a report that recommended a ban on face veils.  While the ban outlined by the comittee applies to public buildings, it is not the full ban that many in France are calling for.

The wearing of the full veil is a challenge to our republic. This is unacceptable. We must condemn this excess

The report also outlines consequences for not adhering to the recommendations, including offenders being stripped of their citizenship.  It is imporant to note though, that the ban would only apply to full face veils, which completely cover the face.  There is fear that any full bans would incite large scale violence among the Muslim population in France, and would make the nation a target for terrorists.  The debate is far from over though, as now actual law has been proposed and it may take months to work through the opposing ideas on the subject.

For the full story head over to the BBC.