Camus reading L’Etranger

For those who are interested in hearing Camus reading his own book, here are the first and last chapters of L’Etranger read by the author himself. These documents were aired on the French public radio RTF in the 1950s in a show called “Lecture du soir” (“Evening reading”?). It is always interesting to see what voice an author wants to give to his book. If you want more, I have it all. Here is then the first chapter and last chapters of the book: Partie I Chapitre 1 and  Partie II Chapitre 5 (fin).

2 thoughts on “Camus reading L’Etranger”

  1. Hello! I just saw this after returning to begin the blog for the fall term! Unfortunately I’m actually not sure how I’d tracked these down in 2010. I don’t remember whether there was more, either. Sorry not to be of more help!

  2. I would be so absolutely, completely, and utterly grateful if you could somehow get me the rest of Camus reading this. Really…really.

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