We started this month’s training by intricately folding an Origami Masu box, but only through the verbal instructions from a partner. Well supposedly, I was moves shy from holding a beautifully made paper masterpiece before the time ran out. This task was intended to reflect the different skill sets required to lead and further strengthen our understanding of leadership. Communication was quickly identified as an essential component, but as I attended the following weeks training regarding Global leadership I began to think about how communication and other skills translate from a local to global scale. 


This is highly relevant to my studies as I pursue a Certificate in Global Development, where leadership extends beyond borders in hopes to achieve a mutual goal. I believe practice and understanding have played crucial roles in helping me transition into becoming a global leader.  For example, by working with Duke Engineers for International Development, I’m exposed to different leadership techniques, standards for communication, and more all within a safe space that facilitates growth through hands-on experiences. However, the journey to becoming a global leader doesn’t end here. I plan on looking deeper into the intricate folds of language and communication, that like origami, offers the opportunity to create something beautiful.