Duke International House (IHouse), in collaboration with the Career Center, has developed the Global Engagement Program (GEP) to provide domestic students with beneficial interactions with international students and scholars at Duke, and to prepare them to be true global citizens who make positive impacts around them.

Through the program, selected students will
  • Engage with international students and helping them acclimate to American culture via International House educational activities
  • Receive training on
    • cross-cultural awareness and communication
    • career and leadership development
  • Get an official certificate endorsed by International House and the Career Center, which can be used to strengthen their resume
  • Expand knowledge about other cultures
  • Navigate how to socialize and work with people of different cultural backgrounds in a global economy
The program is perfect for you, if you:
  • Are open-minded to other cultures and willing to learn from interacting with international students and scholars
  • Would like to prepare yourself before going abroad through DukeEngage or Study Abroad programs
  • Want to continue your global experience and keep the foreign language skills you have obtained abroad
  • Enjoy cultural diversity and are seeking opportunities for global engagement within Duke and Durham

This program is open to all domestic/U.S. American Duke undergraduate and graduate students who will be enrolled in the semester when the program is offered.

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Spring 2021 Cohort

Contact Ling Jin at ling.jin@duke.edu.