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Dear potential supporters,

Thank you for your consideration of donating to The Glioblastoma Drug Discovery Lab at Duke University. There are two ways for you to support our efforts to develop an effective therapy against glioblastoma.  You can either donate from your own resources, or you can join our advisory board and raise funds from within your network of friends and family. The funds will be used to support the following three projects:


  1. Personalized glioblastoma drug development
  2. Development of preclinical models for glioblastoma in adolescents and young adults
  3. Early detection of glioblastoma


Further details of these projects can be found under the corresponding tabs on this website. I appreciate your thoughtful consideration and look forward to hearing from you.



Madan M. Kwatra, PhD


Glioblastoma Drug Discovery Group

PO Box 3094

Durham, NC 27710


Phone: (919)681-4782