Science Culture and Accountability Plan (SCAP)


The Science Culture & Accountability Plan (SCAP) outlines the expectations and recommendations for how the department, division and individual investigators can guarantee the responsible management and critical review of scientific data.

This plan, which details three levels of responsibility for promoting a culture that encourages responsible data management and produces data of the highest integrity — individual, division and department — also reflects these important principles:

  • We foster an environment where scientific integrity is the highest priority.
  • We emphasize high-quality, reproducible data and results.
  • We value constructive critiques of research.
  • We allow open discussion of any concerns regarding research conduct or integrity.

Each and every member of the Department of Medicine — faculty, trainees, staff and administrators — is expected to reflect and pursue these values. Ours is a shared commitment to the highest standards of scientific activity. Click here for more information.

SCAP was last updated January 2018.

Download the plan by clicking the button below. (File is stored on Duke Box. Login with NetID required.)


The Duke Division of General Internal Medicine(GIM) is committed to maintaining the highest quality and integrity of all its research data and to promote a culture in which scientific results are critically reviewed and accountability for data integrity is clearly delineated. Because GIM conducts primarily population-oriented studies that may or may not pertain to laboratory based or clinical trials methods, GIM has instituted its own Science Culture and Accountability Plan (SCAP).

All GIM personnel who are or will be involved in IRB protocols are required to review and sign this document prior to handling any research data within GIM. Personnel will demonstrate their commitment to the protection of human subjects and privacy by following the data security requirements stated in this standard operation procedure (SOP) manual. They must also follow all data security requirements listed in Duke University School of Medicine policies, including guidelines and trainings set by the Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR), the Institutional Review Board (IRB), and Federal and State regulations if applicable.

General Internal Medicine’s Faculty Integrity Coordinator, Dr. Ranee Chatterjee, as well as the Integrity Officer, Tara Strigo, MPH, will be responsible for revising this document and disseminating it to GIM personnel. Any questions or concerns about research data management should be directed to them.

Dr. L. Ebony Boulware, Chief of General Internal Medicine, will confirm that each investigator is aware of the policies and various school, department and division resources that support researchers and their activities. Dr. Boulware will require that GIM faculty who are or will be involved in IRB protocols review and sign the GIM Science Culture and Accountability Plan when hired as well as during their annual updates.

All other GIM personnel who are or will be involved in IRB protocols will be required to review and sign the GIM Science Culture and Accountability Plan when hired as well as on an annual basis (at the time of performance evaluations, even if evaluations are not applicable for their position).

Please click here to download the DGIM SCAP.