GIM Research Methods & Shared Resources Center

The General Internal Medicine (GIM) Research Methods and Shared Resources Center provides essential support for the conduct of clinical research by providing services to support GIM faculty and trainees with research and analysis needs to facilitate high quality grant submissions and post-award study execution.

What the GIM Research Methods and Shared Resources Center Provides:

The Center provides coordinated services to assist faculty and trainees with their research needs. The types of assistance faculty members and trainees may receive are:

  1. Obtaining statistical support for both planning (pre-award) phase and post-award phase
  2. Finding (and sharing effort on) GIM research staff with appropriate expertise to conduct research
  3. Obtaining and understanding research regulations at Duke University
  4. Assistance with submitting and guiding applications through the IRB process
  5. Securing IT support for research needs

Services Offered Through our Center

1. Research Methods Resource

– Access to Statistical Personnel during Pre Award via the GIM Bios Core

PhD and Masters trained experts in:

  • Epidemiological, Biostatistical, and Qualitative analytic support for research studies with emphasis in:
  • Evaluation of health services effectiveness (e.g., clinical trials)
  • Longitudinal observational studies
  • Clinical epidemiological studies
  • Implementation science and health system organization studies
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Health Economics
  • Health Services Data Management
  • Programming consultation (SAS, R, STATA, WinBugs and SUDAAN)

IT and Server Support

  • IT computer support
  • GIM document and data storage and backup services with security standards
  • Facilitate access to virtual servers/analytic workspace for storage, backup and analyses (faculty/trainees responsible for associated fees)
  • Commonly used software licensing and updates

2. Research Services Personnel Resource

GIM provides the following services:

  • Identification of statistical personnel pre-award to assist with proposal development if needed
  • Identification of statistical personnel post-award based on what was included in the budget
  • Guidance and support on how to identify and obtain appropriate resources and staff to support research by:
  • Tracking funding levels on current GIM research staff for the potential of sharing staff across research studies and assisting with identifying research staff to fill budgeted needs by providing options to share current GIM research staff (based on availability, experience and budget)
  • Providing appropriate job descriptions, the hiring process, and/or the use of Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR) services if needed
  • Guidance on required trainings for Duke research
  • Guidance on the IRB process

Obtaining Statistical Support from the GIM Bios Core


  • The Bios Core supports consultation with a PhD biostatistician for study design, methodology, and statistical power/sample size calculations.
  • The PhD biostatistician should be included in the budget as key personnel for the agreed upon effort. If they cannot work on the study once funded, we will identify a replacement.
  • The PhD biostatistician will determine if a Master’s level biostatistician is needed and will provide the salary and effort to include in the budget.



  • GIM can help facilitate access to statistical personnel provided you have appropriate funds to cover the work they are asked to perform.


Note:  GIM does not provide financial support for any personnel working on research studies.



When to Contact the Center


  • Contact us ≥ 8 weeks prior to proposal due date to seek assistance.
  • Submit draft budget and budget justification ≥ 3 weeks prior to proposal due date for review and feedback.

Note:  This is independent of working with the schedule and services provided by the GIM Grants Manager, Ginger Robinson.


  • Contact at any time for guidance and advice.


Who to Contact at the Center

Director: Tara Smith Strigo, MPH


Phone: 919-668-4536