Declaration on Antibiotic Resistance

Growing drug resistance threatens to plunge the world into a post-antibiotic era, one in which the miracles of modern day medicine, from cancer chemotherapy to organ transplants, can no longer be taken for granted. In the declaration, the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition calls for global leadership to take action to:

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  1. Realign financial and non-financial incentives, from dispensing fees that encourage providers overuse of antibiotics to mis-promotion of antibiotics, to encourage rational use of antibiotics for both human and non-human use.
  2. Foster new research and development models for antibiotics based on the principle of de-linkage – divorcing the return of investment from volume-based sales (price x quantity) of antibiotics. 
  3. Ensure that the need for novel antibiotics is not used as a vehicle for compromising patient safety in drug regulatory and registration standards.
  4. Prohibit the use of antibiotics for growth promotion in animals and phase-out the use of antibiotics considered critically important for humans from routine disease prevention in livestock.
  5. Encourage a deeper ecological understanding of bacteria to find alternative solutions and approaches, from probiotics and fecal transplant to medical instrument surfaces resistant to bacterial colonization, other than through the use of antibiotics.