Student Organizations

Duke Program on Global Health and Technology Access supports the work of several student groups, including:

The Duke Partnership for Service (DPS), also known as the Global Health Forum, serves as the umbrella for campus global health groups at the University. It organizes various events through the year, most notably Global Health Week each spring. In honor of Aalok Modi, one of the Global Health Forum’s early leaders who tragically passed away, Dr. So has served on the selection committee of a fellowship that supports field work by a student committed to his ideals of service.

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) focuses on asking how universities can best license their innovations to global health access. It also has taken stock of how universities can best direct and measure their research to have the greatest social impact worldwide, and promoting these ideals at the national and international levels. UAEM currently involves student chapters at over forty research universities. Dr. So has served on its Advisory Board along with Sir John Sulston, Paul Farmer and others, and the GHTA Program supported the organizing of the 2010 annual UAEM conference at Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill.