Join the Resistance: Sign the Antibiotic Resistance Declaration

The lack of effective antibiotics against resistant infections has the potential to affect us all – doctors and patients, farmers and consumers, humans and animals – without regard for international borders. In May 2014, over twenty civil society organizations from North and South, including US and Europe, and across those working on human and animal use of antibiotics—came together to form the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition.

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The Antibiotic Resistance Coalition launched the ‘Declaration on Antibiotic Resistance’ to advocate for policy change and action to prevent the post-antibiotic era from becoming a bleak reality. The Declaration calls for international leadership to take actions such as:

  • Prohibit the mis-promotion and advertising of antibiotics;
  • Promote new, needs-driven and open research and development models based on the principle of delinkage;
  • Phase out the use of antibiotics from routine disease prevention in livestock and end their use, altogether, for growth promotion;
  • Build robust systems, in all countries, to monitor and report antibiotic use and resistance trends in humans and animals; and
  • Improve public awareness to support an ecological understanding of the human-bacterial interaction and behavior change around antibiotic use.

During the Antibiotic Awareness Week from Nov 17th – 23rd we urge all to join the Resistance and sign the Antibiotic Resistance Declaration. We hope that you can use the social media toolkit available on the website or create your own messages and use the frame of the Declaration to effectively reach out to your constituents.