Migrant Children and Health Initiative Launched

Recently, the program partnered with groups nationwide to advocate for increased attention to and protections for migrant health. The website migrantchildrenhealth.com was launched to help spearhead the project.

Fact sheet giving an overview of situation:
Migrant Children and Health Fact Sheet

A resolution on ‘Addressing Immigrant Discrimination and Health Disparities’ introduced by Michael Rodriguez, MD, MPH and Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, MD, FAAFP and Jay W. Lee, MD, MPH, FAAFP was adopted by American Academy of Family Physicians at its annual Congress of Delegates meeting. The American Academy of Family Physicians resolution resolved that,

AAFP urge federal and state government agencies to ensure routine, evidence-based health care screening, access and treatment for newly immigrated populations; and be it further AAFP commit to stand against scaremongering, profiling and other discriminatory practices, and/or messaging that denigrates and/or depicts immigrant populations in such a light that leads towards marginalization as it relates to human rights and healthcare such as inaccurate accusations that immigrants pose major threats to public health; and be it further AAFP support policies to reduce health disparities borne by immigrants, refugees or asylees.

The American Medical Association (AMA) Resident & Fellow Section recently drafted a resolution to incorporate policies for addressing immigrant health disparities. The resolution urges U.S. federal and state agencies to ensure routine medical care access to immigrant populations, and calls for public awareness and prevention of stigma, profiling, and inaccurate accusations targeted towards immigrants in relation to their health status.