Specialized tracks

Over the weekend of November 4-5, we will hold specialized sessions in three tracks.

Expert witness training

Open to PhD applicants in all fields.  Overview of opportunities related to redistricting consulting and litigation.  Nuts and bolts of the court system and expert testimony.

Educator training

Opportunities for teachers at the high school and college level to learn ideas for classes that fuse math, civics, statistics, and technology.  (We expect to offer professional development credits for current high school teachers.)


A team with a mix of coding and GIS skills will work intensively in small groups for the weekend.  Projects drawn from a targeted list of open source software and tools for redistricting that has been developed in collaboration with our legal and civil rights partners.

For all three tracks, we have a limited amount of funding to offer participants towards travel and lodging.


At this time, only the educator track is still taking applications.

Apply here!