The Thursday-Friday conference (see poster) was open to the public and free of charge.  It featured a combination of lectures and panel discussions on the many multidisciplinary aspects of the redistricting problem.

Conference Schedule

Slides and video from the talks


9am coffee and welcome

9:30am Moon Duchin (Tufts Math), Redistricting 101: Metrics for gerrymandering

10:45am Guy-Uriel Charles (Duke Law), The law of gerrymandering

11:45-1:30 LUNCH (on your own)

1:30pm Allison Riggs (Southern Coalition for Social Justice), A view from the litigation frontlines

2:45-4:15pm Jonathan Mattingly (Duke Math), Revealing the geopolitical geometry of the vote though sampling

5pm HAPPY HOUR at Devil’s Krafthaus (campus pub)

7pm Mathematics brainstorm session: Moduli spaces of metric partitions


9:30am Mira Bernstein (Tufts Science, Technology, and Society), Measures of partisan fairness

10:45am Michael Gerhardt (UNC Law), Gerrymandering and the “Political Question” problem

11:45-1:30 LUNCH (on your own)

1:30pm-3pm  Panel discussion on Redistricting in the trenches: North Carolina gerrymandering, past, present, and future


3-4pm Wrap-up session: Questions and discussion with speakers and practitioners

5pm HAPPY HOUR at Devil’s Krafthaus (campus pub)


A Map showing the Searle Center, Parking, and Places to eat can be found HERE.