Call for Papers

We are seeking original papers from any discipline or interdiscipline, informed by transnational feminist and critical geography scholarship and attentive to context and history, for an edited volume (“Geographies of Gender in the Arab Revolutions”) to be released in 2014. The deadline for a short paper proposal is March 31, 2013. The most promising papers will be part of a workshop hosted by Duke University December 13-14, 2013 and will be included in the edited volume.

Paper foci may include but are not limited to: social movements; space (metaphorical or material) and the built environment; sexual and gender strategies, practices, identities, or discourses, with attention to masculinities and femininities encouraged; institutional dynamics (states, religious, transnational or international, family, media); and visuality, sound, aesthetics, or performance.

Interested scholars should submit a 5-10 double-spaced paper, bibliographical references, and a 100 word biography. All of these documents should be submitted in English. The initial paper should include the author’s main argument, the research methods, and the primary sources analyzed.

The authors of accepted initial papers will receive comments no later than April 30, 2013.

Any questions or comments should be directed to Hasso and Salime:


  • 31 March 2013: Interested scholars should submit a 5-10 double-spaced paper/proposal, bibliographical references of sources, and a 100 word biography, all in English, to Hasso and Salime. This paper should include the author’s main argument, research methods and focus, sources analyzed, and initial arguments. Longer and more developed papers are welcome, although the organizers and editors seek papers that can be developed in relation to a theoretical and analytical introduction that will be drafted in advance of this early deadline and shared with authors of the most promising and relevant initial papers/proposals in order to produce a highly focused and coherent manuscript.
  • 30 April 2013: The authors of accepted initial papers will receive detailed comments and questions from Hasso and Salime no later than this date.
  • By late August 2013: Flight arrangements will be made for all invited participants for the December 2013 workshop at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Arrangements can be made earlier for full papers that are received earlier by the editors/organizers.
  • 15 November 2013: Penultimate papers are due to the organizers.
  • 13-14 December 2013: An intensive two-day workshop focused on improving the quality of each accepted paper will be held. This workshop will include all authors and other invited interlocutors from Duke, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and elsewhere. All participants will be expected to read each paper in advance. The organizers hope to include an acquisitions editor to facilitate the development of a coherent and high quality manuscript. This workshop will include approximately 15 people. We will cover local housing, travel, and food costs of non-local participants to attend the September workshop, as well as the meals of local participants.
  • 15 January 2014: Final papers with all revisions, images, tables, and so on are due to the workshop organizers/editors.
  • The editors/organizers welcome comments or questions, which should be sent to